Practically Speaking Mom: Intentional Mom, Strong Family

120. A Parent's Annual Inventory - the 5 R's that impact our character and our relationships

January 03, 2022 Val Harrison, The Practically Speaking MOM Season 2 Episode 120
Practically Speaking Mom: Intentional Mom, Strong Family
120. A Parent's Annual Inventory - the 5 R's that impact our character and our relationships
Show Notes

"Hiding in the messy moments from our past are opportunities for new God moments with us and with our kids" - Val Harrison, The Practically Speaking MOM from episode 68 & 120

We are always working on the growth of our kids' hearts.  This episode is for YOU, intentional mom, to work on your heart.  It's a process to recalibrate, to refine your mom journey.

Somewhere around eleven New Years’ ago, I began a personal mom tradition - taking some time alone to practice something I’ve come to call the Five R’s of Intentional Parenting: Reflect, Regret, Repent, Redeem, Refine. I would love it if you joined me in this practice!

As you go through this process, you are also learning a wonderful skill to teach your children as well! You are equipping them to face their mistakes in a productive, strength-building way.

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Steps to the Five R’s of Being an Intentional Mistaking Parent

❓What are some things that went great or is going well in our family? 

❓What needs a little tweak of refinement because it’s not quite right but is on the right track? 

❓What were big fails or is really not going well right now? 

❓Where do I see relationship walls or other signs of potentially troubled hearts in your home? 

(The hearts of your family are the most important things of all to zero in on for your time of reflection. Linger here the longest.)


I’ve learned to stay in this REGRET step for a bit - to go ahead and live in the pain on purpose for a little while, letting reality sting. I don’t want to avoid the important role of regret. It is like a refiner’s fire of my character. It sears into my heart the importance of not remaining the way I am.
There is healing in the refiner’s fire of regret. Don’t skip it, don’t undervalue it, but also don’t build a summer home in regret. It’s a temporary stop in your journey to refinement.


Repentance is a time of TURNING, turning away from my old ways and pivoting to a better way.


This is the time for me to allow God to take my mess and RESHAPE it. He doesn’t wipe out the memory of the past, but He does give it new meaning.


Finally, learn to live a lifestyle of this REFINING PROCESS - refining your character, your perspective, your parenting habits, your priorities.

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