Practically Speaking Mom: Intentional Mom, Strong Family

186. Family Communication OVERHAUL with Rich and Val

May 29, 2023 Val Harrison, The Practically Speaking MOM Season 4 Episode 186
Practically Speaking Mom: Intentional Mom, Strong Family
186. Family Communication OVERHAUL with Rich and Val
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Show Notes

If your marriage or family is having trouble with healthy communication, this episode is here to help. We are vulnerable and transparent and have specific action steps to bring lasting change.
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What negative communication games are you playing in your family?  We had several that needed to END FOR GOOD at our house several years ago.  This is one of the most important changes we made for our family.  Your family can do this too!!
Rich and I also talk about the dangers of self-preservation in relationships and what it looked like for us.
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* "Overcoming Negative Communication Habits" on my website
Quotes from Episode 23
"The communication habits that are happening in your home today are going to impact the communication of all of your children’s relationships in their future."
"As a parent, the condition of my heart determines the words I say & the tone with which I say things, which affects my relationships with my kids and affects literally the atmosphere of our home. We are the atmosphere setters in our family’s life... In our own strength we can maintain a good atmosphere for a little while but when my  heart is anemic for the spiritual nourishment I need from my Creator, Provider, Counselor, and Guide, I simply can’t keep up that positive atmosphere in my own strength for very long.  The atmosphere of our heart is dependent on filling from the Father."

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