Practically Speaking Mom: Intentional Mom, Strong Family

Confident Kids/Teens, with Abby & Val, ep 175

March 13, 2023 Val Harrison, The Practically Speaking MOM Season 4 Episode 175
Practically Speaking Mom: Intentional Mom, Strong Family
Confident Kids/Teens, with Abby & Val, ep 175
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Growing Confident Kids and Confident Teens happens day by day, so let's get growing in episode 175! This is a great week to let your kids listen to this conversation between Val Harrison, The Practically Speaking MOM and one of her college-age kids Abby.  Especially your middle schoolers, teens, and college kids will get a lot out of this episode.  Moms with all ages of kids can get some great ideas to impact to confidence and success habits. This mom/daughter chat touches on volunteering, being proactive, learning how to network in life, realizing that you are always "building your brand," interview skills, and MINDSET that makes a difference.  They talk about having healthy friendships, how to take constructive criticism, and who we allow to have the privilege of speaking into us. Then they end with some thoughts about parent/teen relationships.  

Next week our topic will be Dear Younger Me.  Val will bring on a seasoned mom of grown kids - one biological and four adopted children. She will share what she did well, what she wishes she would have done differently, and the important lessons she learned along the way in raising her kids.

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175 - Abby Confident Teens