Practically Speaking Mom: Intentional Mom, Strong Family

People-Focused vs Task-Focused Family Members: Uniquely United series, 164

October 03, 2022 Val Harrison, The Practically Speaking MOM Season 3 Episode 164
Practically Speaking Mom: Intentional Mom, Strong Family
People-Focused vs Task-Focused Family Members: Uniquely United series, 164
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Do you have some family members who just want to have fun and other family members that are militant about tasks?  How do we help these two very different people blend and mesh and shine TOGETHER in the family unit? Episode 164 of the Practically Speaking MOM Podcast is here to help!

Rich joins Val for "People-Focused vs Task-Focused Family Members" in the Uniquely United Series, equipping parents to identify different characteristics in our family members, helping all of you to thrive and mesh and blend TOGETHER.  

Part of Rich's role at his employment is to train trainers and some of that training involves personality training - increasing their empathy toward personalities that are different from themselves, yes, but also teaching these trainers how to COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY with different personality types, how to RELATE and build bridges with those they are training, no matter their unique characteristics. To do that you have to learn to READ PEOPLE - that is called EMOTIONAL APTITUDE.   We hope that this there, Uniquely United, will help to grow the emotional aptitude in your family.

People's characteristics are not always obvious and do not always remain the same. However, we can still learn so much by studying ourselves and one another to help us relate to one another more effectively, reduce conflict, increase harmony, and learn how to highlight the unique value of each individual within the family unit.  

What are some ways to identify whether you are people or task focused:
  -what activities and environment fills you up, energizes you, makes you feel alive?  What deflates you, depletes you, demotivates you?  - what do you look forward to or dread?

 EVERYONE has some TASK and some RELATIONAL aspect to them.  You could really think of each of these characteristics as a sliding scale with TASK being on one end of the scale and PEOPLE or RELATIONSHIPS begin at the other end of the scale.  Some people are going to obviously fall on one end of that scale but there are some people who are quite balanced between the two.

 Our ultimate goal is to be the masterpiece God designed us to be.  

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164 - Uniquely United: People- vs Task-focused