Practically Speaking Mom: Intentional Mom, Strong Family

Save Your Sanity One Hour a Week Meal Prep from Lasso Your Life Series, 161

September 12, 2022 Val Harrison, The Practically Speaking MOM Season 3 Episode 161
Practically Speaking Mom: Intentional Mom, Strong Family
Save Your Sanity One Hour a Week Meal Prep from Lasso Your Life Series, 161
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Show Notes

It's important to equip our kids for life. One way we do that is by involving them in cooking. However, I was uncomfortable with my kids working with raw meat, so I needed a plan.  Years ago, I came up with this "Save Your Sanity: One Hour a Week Meal Prep Plan" so my kids could cook meals but not deal so much with meat.  This plan ended up saving me loads of time AND saved us lots of money also.  Let's jump in to our second week of The Practically Speaking MOM's Guide to Saving Time and Money in the Kitchen.

Click on this BLOG POST to see pics and additional insight for this episode:  BLOG POST for episode 161

*MISFITS MARKET - CLICK TO SAVE $10 at MISFITS MARKET & it also allows me to save $10 when you use this link.  Misfits Market is a subscription service for ORGANIC GROCERIES.  It automatically creates a grocery order for you each week of about $35 and then you can click on your cart and change it or cancel it or postpone it.  It's organic fruits, veggies, and lots of other healthy foods.  I have been using them for about nine months.  It's called "misfits" because it's the imperfect looking produce that wouldn't get chosen at the store but is still good.  And the good news is, if I'm ever not pleased with the quality of an item, I just jump online in my account and click on that item and ask for the cost of it to be refunded.  I have never had any trouble getting it refunded right away.

Top 10 Ways to Save on Groceries plus meal hacks, money hacks, and cleaning hacks by the Practically Speaking MOM, from the Lasso Your Life on-going occasional series, episode 160

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