Practically Speaking Mom: Intentional Mom, Strong Family

147. Raising Boys, Being a Mom Who Listens, Finding Mentors w/ Guest Amy Kusmaul

June 06, 2022 Val Harrison, The Practically Speaking MOM Season 3 Episode 147
Practically Speaking Mom: Intentional Mom, Strong Family
147. Raising Boys, Being a Mom Who Listens, Finding Mentors w/ Guest Amy Kusmaul
Show Notes

We've had multiple podcast episodes about teaching our kids to listen to us. This episode is about the importance of us as parents learning to effectively listen to our kids. It's also  about the value of mentors for our teen kids and how to go about setting up a mentor, and it is about teaching them work ethic and lots more today in episode #147.  Our featured guest is Amy Kusmaul, who is a mom of one daughter and four boys.  Amy is our first of four guests this month who will have lots of examples about boys. That's right; we are are talking about Raising Sons for the month of June.  The Father Factor will also come up quite a bit this month.  No worries, if you don't have boys or if you are a single mom. All of these episodes for the month of June will be applicable to all moms even moms with girls only.

Episode 5 Getting Kids to Listen the First Time
Book - Mother and Son: The Respect Effect

For the rest of June, we've got three more guests to go with our theme of Raising Boys.  Next week - in our Fathers Day episode, episode 148, - we're talking Failure is A-OK! Helping our kids to not allow failure to define us, but rather redefining failure (and we talk about so many other great things with our Fathers Day guest!) 
 The next week, in episode 149- our guest will inspire us with great ways to speak words of life and vision over our kids.  
Then in the final Monday of June our guest will be talking about the benefits of CHALLENGES for older kids and teens.  

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