Practically Speaking Mom: Intentional Mom, Strong Family

139. Uniquely United! Part 1: Fast and Slow

May 02, 2022 Val Harrison, The Practically Speaking MOM Season 3 Episode 139
Practically Speaking Mom: Intentional Mom, Strong Family
139. Uniquely United! Part 1: Fast and Slow
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Show Notes

Everyone in your family is God's precious, purposeful design. And yet, sibling squabbles, personality clashes, character issues, parenting mistakes... sometimes family life is uhh, colorful.   We've created a new occasional, on-going series looking at the unique personalities in your home and how to get them to mesh, blend, and shine together as a family.   Even with your parent imperfections, and your kids' one-of-a-kind differences, and all of those designed-by-God personalities, your family is God's masterpiece in the making!

In PART 1 Uniquely United, my husband Rich joins me in the studio as we discuss the differences between a slower-paced personality and a faster-paced personality.  We look at both types of parents and the pitfalls that sometimes accompany those differences.  I open up about some big regrets that brought some BIG LESSONS in learning to reign in my parenting type, to better blend with my kids that are different from me. 

CLASH IN YOUR HOME: A GAMEPLAN for CLEANING UP the CONFLICT is a book I wrote about changes we made in our family to communicate better and find our way toward more teamwork and less conflict. 

* Episode 140-143 Mother's Day week I will have four short episodes celebrating motherhood
*Episode 144 Listener Q&A on work ethic and also a follow-up to today's episode on some positive ways to raise a slower-paced child.
*Episode 145-147 Marriage Week - It's Rich and I's 30th anniversary so I've got three short episodes on Marriage

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